Our Process:

Our process begins with a meeting, often at the project location, to discuss the overall goals and design interests of our clients.  Once we have an understanding of our clients’ objectives, we draft a design proposal delineating multiple areas of work, from architectural design and permitting, through budget estimating and interior detailing. Increasingly, the communities in which we work require higher performance construction techniques. We evaluate various strategies to meet and often exceed these goals. We help to identify programs, such as Energy Star, which may offer incentives (e.g., tax credits or rebates) for high performance construction. Our goal is to arrive at a final design that meets our client’s needs aesthetically, but also takes into consideration important factors such as cost and permitting requirements.

When Treehouse functions as Project Manager, we offer a transparent, open-books process that continues our efforts to balance design with cost as we move through construction. Our design staff plays an integral role, along with our project managers, to ensure that the design intent and quality standards are met. We communicate regularly with our clients and manage the process with a high level of precision (see client log in). Because we specialize in total project integration, we have developed our own specialty woodworking facility where we fabricate cabinets, furniture and interior components of our projects. This allows our design team to work closely with cabinetmakers throughout construction to ensure a high level of quality and design.