Sunset Rock Arts & Crafts

The original cottage is perched on an outcropping of ledge called “Sunset Rock” and was built in 1904. New additions on the southern side of the cottage offer great solar exposure and brought the house down to the ground, connecting it to yard space that had been largely inaccessible from the original cottage. The new living room wing has similar proportions to the old “Great Hall,” and is oriented to solar south on one side, with a view to Squam Rock on the east. Double glazed south-facing windows allow for greater solar gain, and triple-glazed windows everywhere else add additional insulation. The roof over the living room holds twenty photo voltaic panels that generate most of the electricity needs for the house. This project sought to both embrace energy performance technology and the careful use of resources, as well as the spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement. The tools available to us today as designers and builders, when used wisely, can result in buildings that are highly energy efficient, comfortable to live in, and beautiful to look at.